11 Years with WordPress

I didn’t realise that I’d been with WordPress for 11 years, even if I’ve kept a blog here on and off. I’ve pretty much stuck with Blogger for the most part because it’s more flexible. The platform costs nothing to sign up, I could use and modify its free templates or upload any template from third-party designers; and best of all, use Adsense.


However, I guess if you really want to up your blogging game apart from creating content on a regular basis, you should also take the time to work on the back-end of your blogging platform. In this, I think, WordPress beats blogger. It’s more flexible, in that there are plenty of plugins one could use to improve UX, tweak design, and make the blog more seo- and social-friendly. I’m on the lookout for a budget-friendly hosting provider for my WordPress blog, as unless I have my own host, I don’t own the blog at all.

This is a good start for deciding between blogging platforms:  WordPress vs. Blogger – Which one is Better? (Pros and Cons)